Garvey’s run out of steam

Team Garvey’s suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of Northern conference toppers, Ballon, at the weekend. With three of their first five out injured and only six available to play on the day, the St. Mary’s squad were understandably under pressure for this game however they did not make it easy for the Dublin side.

Early scores from Donal McCarthy, Saulius and Billy Wiseman saw Team Garvey’s go six point up inside the first three minutes, McCarthy, Seamus Brosnan and Paudie Fleming all had some great steals and it was not until mid way through the quarter that Ballon levelled. Ballon’s Aurimas Stakus came into his own at this point and sunk three threes. By the end of the first the Dublin side had built up an 11 point lead.

Team Garvey’s were once again stronger in the early part of the second quarter, Saulius registered two from the free throw line while Seamus Brosnan hit two three pointers to reduce the gap considerably.  At this point Team Garvey’s were tiring and Ballon took full advantage of this. By the end of the quarter Ballon had increased their lead to 14.

Garvey’s opened strong again in the third quarter and hit six unanswered points to reduce the gap to eight with 6.40 remaining in the quarter. Garvey’s were defending well but as the quarter progressed they tired and by the end of the quarter Ballon held a 16 point lead.

Ballon hit 11 points in less than three minutes at the start of the final quarter before Paudie Fleming registered Garvey’s first score, Statkus was again on target from outside and Ballon gradually built up a substantial lead as the quarter progressed.  Garvey’s fought hard to close the gap, Brosnan registered his third three of the game and Daragh Jones hit the last score of the game for Garvey’s but a shot on the buzzer from Genzia for the opposition saw Ballon take the game by 25.

Final Score: Ballon 79    Team Garvey’s 54

Team Garvey’s:  Saulius Marcinkevicius 20, Seamus Brosnan 12, Donal McCarthy 10, Billy Wiseman 8, Paudie Fleming 2, Daragh Jones 2.

In other division one news, Blue Demons threw a spanner in the works over the weekend when they had a win over Kilkenny.  With just two games remaining for both of these sides and for Maree and Titans  in the Northern conference, second and third placing for both conferences has yet to be decided before quarter final pairings will be set.

Team Garvey’s next game will be against Blue Demons on March 4th in the Mardyke, Cork. Tip off is at 1pm.

Close encounter  for Team Garvey’s.

Team Garvey’s were under pressure at the weekend when they travelled to Cork to take on Neptune. Injuries and illness resulted in five of their team being unavailable to play on the day. However the remaining 10 stepped up to the task.

Paudie Fleming opened with a three and added another just after team mate Donal McCarthy sunk one inside. Tom Fleming Casey and Wiseman all followed suite while Andrew Fitzgerald continued to perform as brilliantly as he has been doing all season.  Neptune’s Stephen O’Sullivan and Jason O’Donoghue kept their side in touch but it was Garvey’s who led 20 to 15 at the end of the first.

Neptune were slightly stronger in the second quarter as Daniel Thompson found his target but again a good spread of scores from the visitors saw them lead by four at half time. The third quarter Saw Neptune score just four baskets from play in the third quarter, three of these coming from Jason O’Donoghue while Garvey’s sharp shooters Seamus Brosnan and Tom Fleming both hit threes to add to the 13 points registered inside and the visitors led by nine going hooked on the final quarter.

Daniel Thompson came back into form in the final quarter as the Team Garvey’s boys began to show the signs of having played an area board final the previous day. Neptune reduced the gap as the clock ran down and with 1.15 remaining on the clock they went ahead by a point for the first time i the game. A foul sent Andrew Fitzgerald to the line and he made one to level, back on the line Fitzgerald nailed both to put Garvey’s up two. John Teahan who had given a huge performance throughout the game went to the line a secured two more points to see Team Garvey’s go up three with 15 seconds remaining. Neptune attempted a three pointer but to no avail giving possession back to Team Garvey’s with eight seconds on the clock. Teahan was once again fouled and registered another point  just before the final buzzer.

Final Score: Neptune 66     Team Garvey’s 70

Team Garvey’s: Andrew Fitzgerald 21, John Teahan 12, Paudie Fleming 9, Donal McCarthy 8, Seamus Brosnan 6, Tom Fleming and Billy Wiseman 5 each, Maurice Casey 4.

Team Garvey’s St. Mary’s travel  to Palmerstown Dublin on Sunday next February 19th  where they will play the current Northern Conference table toppers, Ballon.  Tip off for this game is 3.30pm


Team Garvey’s are conference champions.

A dramatic finish in what was demanding game saw Team Garvey’s St. Mary’s have a one point win over rivals Team Left Bank Kilkenny when the sides met in Kilkenny on Saturday last. As a result of this winTeam Garvey’s have now secured the southern conference title and home venue for the league semi final which will be held over the St. Patricks weekend.

Although some great early scores from Andrew Fitzgerald, Declan Wall and Paudie Fleming saw Garvey’s ease into the game, their lead was short lived as Kilkenny’s Julian O’Keeffe became a huge threat by repeatedly scoring from fast breaks. Team Garvey’s trailed by four at the end of the first.

The second quarter was similar, defensively Team Garvey’s did a much better job, O’Keeffe was held scoreless but Padraig Morrissey to who had hit six in the first quarter continued to make an impact. However Garvey’s team captain Declan Wall performed with the enthusiasm and dedication to which we have become accustomed and hit two from the perimeter while both Saulius and Andrew Fitzgerald controlled the boards inside to ensure that Kilkenny had only increased their lead by a single point at the interval.

The third quarter was similar to the two earlier ones in that it was close and intense. O’Keeffe came back into form for the home-side but again Wall came good to add 11 to his tally while Seamus Brosnan and Paudie Fleming followed suite by registering from outside. Andrew Fitzgerald who has been improving his performance steadily this season continued to register scores inside and by the end of the quarter the tables had turned and Garvey’s led 58 to 56.

With just two points separating the sides it was all to play for in the final quarter. A win for Kilkenny was vital since while it may not have ensured the conference title it would go a long way towards securing home quarter final but for Garvey’s the title and home semi was a good enough carrot to keep them focused. Andrew Fitzgerald opened with a three and then the mighty Wall hit his seventh of the match. Butler reduced the gap for Kilkenny and with 6.40 remaining Garvey’s held a four point lead having had some good rebounds and steals. Kilkenny remained strong inside, an unofficial timeout resulted in a three being set up, and another basket and free throw meant that the sides were level once again with just 1.41 remaining. From here in both sides had opportunities to score from the free throw line but it was Garvey’s who proved to be the more accurate and took the game by a single point.

Final score: Team Left Bank Kilkenny 73 Team Garvey’s 74

Team Garvey’s: Declan wall 25, Andrew Fitzgerald 25, Saulius Marcinkevicius 9, Seamus Brosnan 6, Paudie Fleming 5, Tom Fleming and Michael Broderick 2 each, Billy Wiseman, Daragh Jones, Maurice Casey.

While many of the team have enjoy conference wins previously this is a first for Billy Wiseman, Daragh Jones, Seamus Brosnan and Saulius Marcinkevicius. Congrats all around.

Team Garvey’s travel to Neptune stadium in Cork next Sunday February 12th where they tip off against Neptune at 1pm.


Three is the magic number for Garvey’s.

Team Garvey’s secured their eight league win of the season over the weekend when they had an 84 to 73 win over local rivals Meadowlands St. Brendan’s. The game was close throughout much to the delight of the many supporters who on both sides.

While defence left a lot to be desired on both sides, offensively the sides were in fine form as there were some phenomenal scores made on the night, a total of 13 three pointers were scored, six by Garvey’s Declan Wall, four by Seamus Brosnan and three by Brendan’s Jason Quirke while Andrew Fitzgerald made some brilliant scores inside.

Meadowland’s team captain Jason Quirke had a huge 12 point opening quarter but Garvey’s Declan Wall and Andrew Fitzgerald who hit nine and six respectively ensured that the home side trailed by just four at the end of the first. By the interval Garvey’s had turned it around to lead by three.

Wall and Fitzgerald continued to impress as the game progressed and Garvey’s Seamus Brosnan gave a fine display from the perimeter.  Quirke, Dowd and Sheehy kept Brendan’s in the game but despite the narrow margin Garvey’s had the edge on their opponents once they went ahead.

The home side held a seven point lead going into the final quarter but Meadowland’s fought to the end and just six separated the sides with less than a minute to go. However foul trouble resulted in some casualties for the visitors and the home side took the game by 11 following a three on the buzzer from Brosnan.

Final Score: Team Garvey’s 84      Meadowland’s St. Brendan’s 73

Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 27, Andrew Fitzgerald 24, Seamus Brosnan 12, Saulius Marcinkevicius 9, John Teahan 3, Donal McCarthy 3, Tom Fleming 2 and Michael Broderick 1.

Medowland’s St. Brendan’s: Jason Quirke 27, Liam Dowd 12, Fergal O’Sullivan 10, Martin Flavin 8, Mark Sheehy 8, Paul McMahon 4, Liam O’Sullivan and Robert O’Sullivan 2 each.

Team Garvey’s next game will be in Kilkenny on February 4th.

This win keeps Garvey’s top of the Southern Conference while there was some upset in the Northern Conference this weekend when Titan’s had a two point win over the previously unbeaten side, Ballon. Just two games separate Ballon from both Titans and Maree at this stage in the league and with four games to go it’s still all to play for.

Vital Win for Team Garvey’s.

Team Garvey’s St .Mary’s were victorious over their nearest rivals in the Southern Conference on Saturday last when they met Team Left Bank Kilkenny in Castleisland. With most clubs having just four or five games remaining after this weekend, league standing is very important at this stage. Conference winners will go straight to semi-finals and will have the added bonus having home venue for their semi. Second and third placed teams will play cross conference quarter finals. At this point Team Garvey’s have had seven wins from eight games and so are three games clear of Kilkenny. Ballon are topping the northern conference having won all games to date.

Saturday’s game was close throughout; Garvey’s were first to register a score when after several team attempts Saulius Marcinkevicius sunk a basket. Garvey’s continued to perform well during the first quarter and finished eight points ahead of their opponents.

Team Left Bank Kilkenny stepped up their performance during the second period. Garvey’s found it near impossible to find their target while Kilkenny’s team captain Dean Kavanagh came into form in the early stages. Mid way through Kilkenny took a one point lead for the first time in the game but Declan Cahill who had a brilliant game overall, hit the first three pointer of the match to put the home side back on top. Garvey’s stepped up their defence at this point and kept Kilkenny scoreless for just over five minutes. Garvey’s led 29 to 24 at the interval.

Team Left Bank Kilkenny dominated the third quarter. James Butler and Julian O’Keefe posed a real threat to the home team. Garvey’s had plenty shot opportunities but could not convert. Kilkenny reclaimed the lead just four minutes into the quarter but scores from Seamus Brosnan and a much need three from Declan Wall kept them in game but at the end of the quarter the visitors led 43 to 39.

Andrew Fitzgerald and Declan Wall brought Garvey’s back to within two points of Kilkenny, a Paudie Fleming steal converted saw the sides’ level with just less than five minutes remaining. Fitzgerald and James Butler exchanged scores. A fast break from Declan Cahill put the home side ahead again and with Kilkenny on foul trouble Garvey’s got several opportunities from the free throw line to edge ahead and take the game by five points.

Final Score: Team Garvey’s 59 Team Left Bank Kilkenny 54

Team Garvey’s: Declan Cahill 17, Andrew Fitzgerald 15, Declan Wall 14, Saulius Marcinkevicius 7, Seamus Brosnan 4, Paudie Fleming 2.

Team Left Bank Kilkenny: Julian O’Keefe 17, James Butler 12, Dean Kavanagh 9, Philip Brennan 8, Joe Malone 6, Brian Hogan 2.

Team Garvey’s next game will be a local derby as they meet Meadowlands St. Brendan’s in Castleisland on January 21st.


Garvey’s leave Demons feeling blue.

Team Garvey’s 82             Blue Demons 66

Table toppers Team Garvey’s St. Mary’s hold the top spot in the southern conference as the division one men’s national league basketball season breaks for the Christmas period.

Garvey’s had a comprehensive win over Blue Demons of Cork on Saturday last.  Demons who made the journey to Castleisland started strong with both Shane McCarthy and Tim O’Halloran hitting early threes while also breaking down Garvey’s defence and making some great scores inside.

Despite some good inside scores from Andrew Fitzgerald Team Garvey’s took some time to get their game in order, they had not had a game since mid November and lack of competitive match practice showed in this first quarter which finished 23 points to 12 in favour of Demons.

There was a rapid turn around in the second quarter, Team Garvey’s found their target and played a much-improved defence. Declan Wall opened with two from the free throw line and immediately added a three. Declan Culhane became a real threat inside and Paudie Fleming found his target. Garvey’s hit 29 points during this side and held Demons to a mere 10 putting themselves eight points ahead by the half time interval.

Team Garvey’s went on to win the third quarter by six points to further increase their lead. Broderick and Fitzgerald were big contributors inside while Declan Wall, who played exceptionally well throughout the game, and Seamus Brosnan did the hard work outside. A spread of scores from the Cork side kept them in the game but they could not narrow the gap. Blue Demons were very physical throughout the game and by the end of the third quarter had several players in foul trouble.

The final quarter was more evenly matched but the home team were the stronger side and took the game comfortably.

Final Score: Team Garvey’s 82             Blue Demons 66

Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 30, Andrew Fitzgerald 16, Declan Culhane 12, Seamus Brosnan 8, Michael Broderick 6, Declan Cahill 4, Paudie Fleming 3, Tom Fleming 3.

Blue Demons: Shane McCarthy 14, Stuart Rodgers 12, Noel Hartigan 11, Tim O’Halloran 9, John Carmody 8, Robbie McGowan 6, Craig Duggan 4, Noel Browne 2.

Team Garvey’s next game will be on January 7th in Castleisland when they meet nearest rivals in the Southern Conference Team Left Bank Kilkenny for the first time. Tip off will be at 7.45pm

Brendan’s no competition for Team Garvey’s

Team Garvey’s 78   St. Brendan’s 48

Team Garvey’s played away to St. Brendan’s on Saturday last.  While traditionally the sides have had some great battles this was not the case last weekend.  Team Garvey’s had an outstanding first quarter hitting 28 points while defending brilliantly and holding the opposition to just eight. Garvey’s made five three pointers in this first period, three coming from captain Declan Wall and two from Paudie Fleming. Declan Culhane ans Saulius were responsible for winning most of the defensive rebounds.

Garvey’s add 20 more points in the second quarter, Decaln Cahill, Seamus Brosnan, Fitzgerald and Casey contributing while St. Brendan’s managed 15.  Garvey’s led 48 to 23 atr the interval. The remainder of the game continued in the same fashion, the lead by the St. Mary’s lads increased to 34 at theend of the third and the final scoreline read as follows:

Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 16, Seamus Brosnan 14, Paudie Fleming 11, Saulius 10, Andrewfitzgerald 9, Declan Cahill 8, Donal McCarthy 3, Michale Broderick 2, Mauirce Casey 2, Billy Wisweman 2, Declan Culhane 1.

First loss for Team Garvey’s

Maree V Team Garveys

Team Garvey’s suffered their first loss of the season when they met Maree in Oranmore on Sunday last. Garvey’s were without Maurice Casey and Seamus Brosnan both of whom are currently injured.  It was a fast and physical game, Garvey’s first four points coming from the free throw line.  The first quarter saw the sides well matched. Maree’s Con Crowley and Tomas Mitkus proving to be very strong while Declan Wall, Declan Culhane and Andrew Fitzgerald kept Garvey’s in touch. However a late score and bonus from Colm O’Hagan put Maree ahead by four at the end of the first.

Garvey’s made a great comeback in the early part of the second quarter and went eight points ahead, Saulius Marcinkevicius was very strong inside but as the quarter progressed Maree turned the game around again and hit 16 unanswered points, most of these scores came once again from Con Crowley and Kenneth Hansberry who dominated for the remainder of the game. By the interval Team Garvey’s trailed 51 points to 42.

Hansberry continued to perform throughout the third quarter but Garvey’s played well and won the quarter by a point having hit 22 points, half of which came from the free throw line. However they trailed by eight as they entered the final 10 minutes.

The fourth quarter was a thriller, Garvey’s had three’s from O’Regan, Wall and Cahill while Marcinkevicius made the inside scores. Just a basket separated the sides with less than a minute to go, both sides were on foul trouble and Maree’s accuracy from the line ensured that despite losing the quarter by three points they took the game by five.

Final Score: Maree 93     Team Garvey’s 88

Team Garvey’s: Saulius Marcinkevicius 25, Declan Wall 24, Andrew Fitzgerald 14, Declan Cahill 12, Declan Culhane 4, Tomas O’Regan 3, Paudie Fleming 2, Billy Wiseman 2, Michael Broderick 2.

Maree: Con Crowley 28, Kenneth Hansberry 27, Tomas Mitkus 12, Liam Conroy 7, Colm O’Hagan 7, Enda Walsh 4, James Brophy 4, Padraig Burke 4.

Team Garvey’s still top the southern conference table, their next league game will be a local derby on November 19th when they meet Meadowlands St. Brendan’s in Mounthawk, Tralee.

Garvey’s scoop fourth win.

Team Garvey’s had a comprehensive win over Neptune in the division one National basketball league over the weekend. It was the first southern conference game for the St. Mary’s side who have won all league games to date.
The home team had a brilliant opening quarter and netted total of 26 points while holding their opponents to just eight. Andrew Fitzgerald’s accuracy under the boards combined with Declan Culhane’s rebounding and some great scores from Declan Wall were instrumental in setting the home team up during this first quarter.
Neptune played a better second quarter, Stephen O’Sullivan, Paul Keenan and Aidan King all hitting three’s to see the Cork side outscoring the home side by five but Garvey’s were still a comfortable 13 ahead at the half time interval. A spread of scores during the third period pushed the home side well ahead during the third quarter and they lead by 27 as they commenced the final quarter. Neptune’s accuracy had been poor throughout this period and so they had little chance to reduce the gap.
Both sides played a good closing period but once again it was the home side that had the edge. The final minutes of the game saw four of Team Garvey’s younger players step up to the mark. Seamus Brosnan and Declan Cahill were fast off the mark; Donal McCarthy was impressive in defence while it was Daragh Jones who stole the show with eight personal points as the clock ran down.
Final Score: Team Garvey’s 86    Neptune 58
Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 18, Andrew Fitzgerald 18, Declan Cahill 11, Seamus Brosnan 9, Daragh Jones 8, Billy Wiseman 6, Donal McCarthy 6, Thomas Regan 5, Saulius Marcinkevicius 5.
Neptune: Stephen O’Sullivan 9, Kevin Reddy 8, Aidan King 7, Kyle O’Mahony 6, Ciaran Hourican 6, Shane O’Connor 4,  Daniel Thompson 3, Paul Keenan 3, Craig Forde 2, Irmantas Skeirys 2.
Team Garvey’s travel to Galway on Sunday next, November 6th where meet Maree.  Maree, who are in the northern conference this season, have had two wins from four to date and although they are not playing to their usual standard so far this season they are always a difficult team to conquer on home ground. Garvey’s will be hoping to have Maurice Casey back from injury for this game which tips off at 3pm in Oranmore.

Thunder take Garvey’s by storm. MD1 National Cup Game.

Team Garvey’s, three time cup finalists and cup champions in 2010 have had this season’s cup dreams shattered. Despite giving an outstanding performance the St. Mary’s lads suffered a 67 to 77 defeat at the hands of Dublin Thunder who is a newly formed Dublin club. The Dublin side had the advantage of having several former super league players whose experience paid off on the night.

Team Garvey’s got off to a brilliant start, Declan Wall opened with a three from the tip. They held the lead for the first seven minutes but had some turnovers as the quarter progressed. Thunder replaced some of their bigger men with shooters at this point and late scores from Isaac Westbrooks, Glenn Wong and Dejuan Flowers put the visitors up six at the end of the first.

Garvey’s had an excellent second quarter, defence was good and several steals were made by Paudie Fleming which were converted by Declan Cahill who had 10 personal points during this period. By the half time interval just a point separated the sides with Thunder leading 33 points to Garvey’s 32.

Wall opened the third to put the home team ahead once again but Michael Goi responded with a three. The sides were well matched for the most of this quarter.  Threes came from Fleming and Wall while Andrew Fitzgerald was registering scores inside. The sides were level with 1.32 remaining, Goi, Westbrooks and Wong all having made scores from the perimeter. Wong and Summers went on to hit threes inside the final minute to give Thunder a seven point lead at the end of the quarter.

Baskets were exchanged evenly throughout the final period but as the clock ran down it was evident that Garvey’s could not make up the ground lost at the end of the third quarter.
Final Score: Team Garvey’s 67 Dublin Thunder 77

Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 19, Andrew Fitzgerald 14, Declan Cahill 10, Saulius Marcinkevicius 9, Paudie Fleming 6, Seamus Brosnan 4, Tom Fleming 3, Michael Broderick 2.

Dublin Thunder: Glenn Wong 20, Puff Summers 15, Dejuan Flowers 14, Isaac Westbrooks 7, Sean Kilmartin 6, Conor Gallagher 3.

Team Garvey’s will meet Neptune in the fourth game of the National League on Saturday next in Castleisland. Garvey’s will have to wait until later in the week to find out if Maurice Casey will be available for the game as he sustained an injury to his ribs during last weekend’s cup game. Tip off for Team Garvey’s V Neptune is at 7.45pm.

Team Garveys V Ballina

Garvey’s take third win.

Team Garvey’s St. Mary’s met Loftus Recycling Ballina in Castleisland on Saturday last. From the tip Garvey’s took control of the game. Declan Wall opened the scoring with three and a Paudie Fleming steal set Declan Cahill up for a basket to see the home side lead by five inside the first minute. Andrew Fitzgerald and Michael Broderick were strong on the boards. Despite the best efforts of Peter Papik and Stephen Popplewell who were strongest for Ballina throughout the game Garvey’s held a 21-point lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second and third quarters was more balanced, both sides’ rotated players throughout. Ballina made their scores by cutting through will Garvey’s were accurate both inside and from the perimeter. The home side gradually increased their lead as the game progressed.

Team Garvey’s Seamus Brosnan went on a scoring spree in the final quarter while Ballina relied mainly on William Popplewell and Barry Powell for scores. The final score of the game came from Team Garvey’s youngest team member Daragh Jones who made his debut with the team on the night.

Final Score: Team Garvey’s 83           Loftus Recycling Ballina 54

Top scorers for Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 16, Seamus Brosnan 14, Andrew Fitzgerald 12.

Loftus Recycling Ballina: Stephen Popplewell 10, William Popplewell 10, Peter Papik 8.

This win puts Team Garvey’s top of the southern conference as their closest rivals to date, Left Bank Killkenny suffered a loss to Ballon at the weekend.  Ballon top the northern conference having had comprehensive wins in all games to date.

Next weekend will see Garvey’s contest the first round of the National Cup.  They meet Dublin Thunder. Thunder are not a national league team and so predicting an outcome at this point is not easy but as the squad is made up of a number of high profile names who have branched away from other clubs such as Puff Summers, Isaac Westbrook and Glen Wong to name but a few,  it is expected to be the toughest challenge that Garvey’s have faced in some time. Tip off is at 7.45pm in Castleisland on Saturday October 22nd.

Team Garveys V Titans

Cahill shines for Garvey’s

Despite a shaky start, Team Garvey’s secured their second win of the season on Saturday night last when they had an 81 to 64 win over Matt O’Flaherty Chemists Titans of Galway. The visitors got off to a good start and took an early lead while the home team took some time to settle and missed some easy opportunities. Team Garvey’s first score of the game came almost five minutes in from Andrew Fitzgerald. Team captain Declan Wall stepped up at this point and was hugely instrumental in reducing the gap to just 5 points at the end of the first.

Team Garvey’s were quick to take control from the start of the second quarter.  They played a tight defence and held Titan’s to just four scores from play while 18-year-old Declan Cahill dominated in offence giving a spectacular display of skill and accuracy.

The home team led by five at the interval.

Mc Michael and Peldzius fought hard throughout the final two quarters but brilliant marking of Peldzius by Garvey’s Paudie Fleming and great back up in defence by the rest of the squad curtailed the Galway men.

Team Garvey’s increased their lead as the game progressed and took a 17-point win on the final buzzer.

Final score: Team Garvey’s 81 MOF Chemist Titans 64

Team Garvey’s: Declan Wall 26, Declan Cahill 22, Paudie Fleming 7, Seamus Brosnan 5, Declan Culhane 4, Michael Broderick 4, Maurice Casey 4, Andrew Fitzgerald 4, Tom Fleming 3, Donal McCarthy 2, Billy Wiseman, Thomas O’Regan.

MOF Chemist Titans: Paulius Peldzius 21, Conail Mc Michael 18, Gintaras Sedebskis 7, Paulius Kniuras 6, Lukas Wesny 4, Chris McNairney 4, Danas Pusniskas 2, P. Mbozo 2. Tomas Fabriciuss, Derek Mulveen, Mariusz Wosny, Findara McAvinchy.

New comers Team Left Bank Kilkenny also registered their second win of the season this weekend and so will be a team to watch out for, Ballon also secured a second win and lead the Northern conference. Next weekend Team Garvey’s meet yet another team from the Northern Conference, Team Loftus Ballina. This game will tip off on Saturday night next in Castleisland tip at 7.45pm.

Team Garveys V Portlaoise

Team Garvey’s secure first win of the season.

Team Garvey’s national league season got of to a good start last weekend when they secured a win over Portlaoise. It was not an easy victory as the sides were close right up to the final whistle. A good opening quarter saw Garvey’s take a five point lead with contributions from Andrew Fitzgerald, Paudie Fleming and Declan Wall who was not put out in the least by the newly extended three point line.

Garvey’s went on to take the second quarter also by a single point giving them a six point lead at the interval. Up to this point the opposition relied mainly on Alan O’Neill for scores and he duly obliged. However Portlaoise had an excellent third quarter, Daniel Dubosz went on a scoring spree which resulted in the sides being level on 40 points a piece at the end of the third.

Portlaoise got into foul trouble in the early part of the final quarter and Garvey’s accuracy from Declan Wall, Maurice Casey, Fleming and Fitzgerald at the free throw line ensured that they stayed in the game. Two three pointers from Seamus Brosnan were vital as the final quarter progressed. Garvey’s defended well as they had been doing throughout the game. A basket from Fleming put Garvey’s up two but Portlaoise had an opportunity with 10 seconds remaining, however a travel violation put the ball back in the hands of Team Garvey’s who took the game by a single basket.

Final Score: Portlaoise 56              Team Garvey’s 58

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